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Report by the Police Foundation Lays Out the Future of Policing in England and Wales

Matthew Polega, Co-Founder & Head of External Affairs  | 09 March 2022  |  2 minute read

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This week, the United Kingdom’s Police Foundation released a report titled “A New Mode of Protection: Redesigning Police and Public Safety for the 21st Century.” The report contains 56 recommendations regarding how the structure, skill sets, and training of the police service in England and Wales should change to meet today’s challenges.

Under the direction of The Independent Strategic Review of Policing in England and Wales, the report lays out a long-term strategic direction for the police service so that it will be capable of meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Announcing the final report at an event in London, Sir Michael Barber, Chair of the Review, said, “Policing in this country is at a crossroads, and it cannot stand still whilst the world changes so quickly around it. Now is the moment to move forward quickly on the path of reform.”

The report calls for: 

  • Increasing trust between the police and the public
  • Equipping to take on new forms of crime through a complete overhaul of training systems
  • Changing the police service’s existing organization, adding special agencies dedicated to cybercrime, cross-border crime, and police modernization

The details of all 56 recommendations can be found in the full report. 

Mark43 is proud to partner with the Police Foundation on this important initiative. Public safety is a team effort, and it takes partnerships like these to make sure agencies serve communities in the best ways possible. Most importantly, the Foundation’s mission aligns with the mission of Mark43, which is to empower communities and their governments with technology to improve the safety and quality of life for all.

Many of the findings in this report correspond with Mark43’s research and analysis of similar public safety challenges in the United States, as outlined in the 2022 U.S. Public Safety Trends Report. Issues facing public safety in both England and Wales and the U.S. include: 

  • Creating, adapting, and sustaining alternative policing models, specifically at the intersection of public health and public safety 
  • Leveraging emergent technologies that can serve as agency force multipliers 
  • Proactively preparing for an increase in cyberattacks and cybercrime 

Mark43 is committed to supporting and advancing the field of public safety through partnerships with organizations such as the Police Foundation. We hope that the findings outlined in this report can offer guidance to public safety agencies worldwide.

We look forward to watching how the report and its vision will challenge the industry to innovate further and evolve. Mark43 continues to stand ready to assist.

Download the report here.

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