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Mark43 Signs To Implement Industry-Leading Records Management System and Analytics Platform For Multi-Agency Consortium In Lehigh County, Pennsylvania

28 February 2020   •   2 minute read

NEW YORK, NY February 28, 2020 Mark43, the leading cloud-based public safety software company, today announced that it has signed a $3.6 million contract to implement its cloud-based Records Management System (RMS) for Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. Per the contract, Mark43 will be modernizing records management processes for over 729 users across 19 agencies in the area. The Lehigh County Board of Commissioners approved the contract 8-0 for Mark43’s fast, efficient report writing platform and seamless compliance with the FBI’s National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

Built for speed and accuracy, the Mark43 RMS offers the ultimate report writing experience in the market. The application is designed to the strictest usability standards and uses only the most modern technology, yielding an unparalleled application that provides immediate utility and is actually enjoyable to use. The application also contains the market’s most advanced NIBRS reporting module. The responsibility of enforcing complex validations and tabulating esoteric data is placed completely on the application itself, and gives users complete confidence that their agency will be compliant in the eyes of the FBI well ahead of the 2021 compliance deadline. 

The RMS allows patrol, supervisors, records personnel, investigators, and command staff to spend more time doing their real job and less time writing, searching, and checking reports. As a cloud-based application, Mark43 is particularly useful for Lehigh County as it enables effortless, instant data sharing across the multi-city regional communication consortium with no special engineering or customization. The software enables real-time data visualization, interactive reporting, and the flexibility to organize data according to each agency’s needs. Lehigh County will also be using the RMS mobile app, which allows officers to access or input data from anywhere with a mobile device.

While Lehigh County is Mark43’s first client in Pennsylvania, the company has a proven track record of implementing modern, world-class software for over 70 agencies nationwide. With its user-first, responsive approach, Mark43 has an impressive and varied customer base, most recently signing with the San Antonio Police Department in December 2019 and implementing its software for the Boston Police Department in October 2019.   

“We are proud to implement an innovative and flexible platform that can adjust to the needs of our public safety agencies and provide quality support 24/7,” said Jim Martin, District Attorney of Lehigh County. “Updating our agencies’ technology to Mark43 does not only increase efficiency and convenience for our public safety personnel; it makes every day safer for the 370,000 residents of Lehigh County.”

“We are dedicated to serving as a source of care, guidance, and stability for agencies of all sizes throughout the ever-changing challenges of public safety, and we promise our enterprise-grade technology and support will always set the bar for the rest of the industry,” said Matt Polega, Mark43 Cofounder and Head of Marketing. “We are thrilled at the opportunity to bring our user-first approach to our first customers in Pennsylvania.”