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Mark43 launches OnScene, mobile first responder app for iOS and Android

Gives public safety agencies superior on-the-go technology to enhance responsiveness   
05 April 2023   •   3 minute read

April 5, 2023 –– Mark43, the leading mission-critical public safety software company, today announced that the Mark43 OnScene mobile app is now available on iOS and Android smartphones.  

First responders need mobile, responsive technology that meets them where they are. Mark43 OnScene, part of the cloud-native Mark43 Public Safety Platform hosted on AWS, is a mobile, on-the-go app that extends an agency’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) deeper into the field, untethered from a mobile-data terminal (MDT) and vehicle. It was developed to meet the need of public safety agencies for a mobile, responsive technology that works where their first responders work – in the field, with the community. 

Mark43 OnScene runs on a resilient, redundant, cloud-native platform. It equips first responders with the powerful context and situational awareness of a traditional CAD but puts that information into their hands via their mobile devices, even while away from their vehicle. The app, operating without interruption, keeps telecommunicators and first responders constantly connected to their communities to respond immediately to urgent calls for service.

A recent survey of U.S. public safety professionals commissioned by Mark43 found most first responders (93%) rely on their mobile devices for emergency dispatch software, capturing evidence and connecting with the community. Mark43 OnScene:  

  • Enables faster, officer-initiated responses by modernizing and streamlining workflows.
  • Increases first responder safety and situational awareness. Real-time GPS tracking allows supervisors and telecommunicators to see the responder’s exact location, even once an incident takes the responder out of the vehicle.
  • Creates a holistic agency-level approach to data-sharing. Agencies can scale up operations by having all the information securely integrated, updated and available across all devices.
  • Meets agency and community expectations. Modern, intuitive technology enables sworn and civilian agency personnel to have more effective interactions with the communities they serve.

Captain Glen Brock, Hemet (CA) Police Department said, “Mark43 OnScene is really intuitive and it mirrors the functionality of [Mark43] First Responder. Officers are able to do a lot more away from their car. It’s been a huge help and will relieve dispatchers from a lot of functions, and will increase efficiency. On-person GPS will increase officer safety. To be able to log in on the phone, anywhere, is huge for situational awareness.”  

Matt Polega, Mark43 Co-founder and Head of External Affairs said, “Today’s first responders are accustomed to using modern, intuitive tools in their daily life – specifically smartphones powered by apps – and they deserve the same quality of technology in their work environment. Mark43 OnScene empowers first responders by providing them with mobile technology that allows them to react and respond, no matter where their mission takes them.  First responders should always have access to pertinent information that will keep them informed and safe, and Mark43 Onscene ensures that information is at their fingertips.” 

The Mark43 Public Safety Platform is cloud-native, which means it updates in real time and allows for users to remain constantly connected and share mission-critical data throughout the day. In addition, it ensures superior data security controls that public safety agencies can trust, due to Mark43’s unwavering commitment to the highest levels of compliance and cybersecurity.  

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About Mark43

Mark43 is the leading cloud-native public safety technology company. By delivering a modern, intuitive and mobile-first Records Management System, Computer-Aided Dispatch and Analytics platform, Mark43 empowers governments and their communities to improve the safety and quality of life for all. Working with more than 200 local, state and federal public safety agencies, Mark43 is transforming how first responders use technology to respond, engage and serve the community. Mark43 provides the tools, resources, expertise, and security foundation that public safety needs today, tomorrow, and beyond. For more information or to request a demo, visit