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Mark43 Launches Mark43 Crisis Response Directory to Increase Access to Crisis Response Information Amid Calls to Reimagine Public Safety

The Mark43 Crisis Response Directory will serve as a groundbreaking database of seven different crisis response models and programs across North America, Europe, and Australia
23 February 2022   •   2 minute read

Mark43, the leading cloud-native public safety software provider, today announced its launch of the Mark43 Crisis Response Directory, a publicly-available database that captures mental and behavioral health response services available across North America, Europe, and Australia. 

The Mark43 Crisis Response Directory will enable public safety and community leaders to inform crisis response with frameworks collected from extensive research on reimagined response, public sources, and case studies. This is the first directory of its kind offered by a public safety technology company.

“More and more, communities and politicians are demanding strategies to reimagine public safety, but law enforcement agencies are not structured to administratively turn on a dime,” said Ganesha Martin, Vice President of Community Affairs and Public Policy at Mark43. “There are few resources to usher in the help necessary to make structurally sound changes that are based on evidence and data. It is important to Mark43 that we provide resources to help law enforcement agencies think through these issues with their communities.”

Compiled through research by Mark43’s Community Affairs and Public Policy team, who were alarmed by the scarcity of consolidated crisis response information, the Mark43 Crisis Response Directory highlights seven different crisis response models: Case Management Services, Co-Responder Teams, Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT), EMS and Ambulance-Based Response, Mobile Crisis Teams (MCT), Officer Notification and Flagging Systems, and Trained Support People/Community-led Response. The Mark43 Crisis Response Directory’s user-friendly interface will allow users to filter by coverage region and model type. 

In the coming weeks, Mark43 will also publish case study content that explores the nuances of the seven program models. Mark43’s Community Affairs and Public Policy team will update the Mark43 Crisis Response Directory regularly to align with its goal of increasing the information available on mental and behavioral health response types. The launch of the Mark43 Crisis Response Directory will also be accompanied by expert insights from Martin and Kathy O’Toole, who is a Mark43 board member and former Chief of the Seattle Police Department and the Boston Police Department. Within the piece, Martin and O’Toole will highlight the importance of access to crisis response knowledge while reimagining at the intersection of public health and safety.

“When I was helping establish the first co-responder model in Baltimore, I had to search the country for alternative response models and raise money from foundations to fill the gaps,” Martin added. “We hope the Mark43 Crisis Response Directory can serve as a centralized resource for public safety leaders to learn from their peers and tailor their crisis response to meet their community’s broad range of public safety needs.”

As public safety missions continue to evolve, Mark43 is dedicated to offering solutions for agencies anywhere, regardless of their size or mission. This includes novel research to help agencies learn from each other. To continue to improve the Mark43 Crisis Response Directory and make it a valuable resource to the public safety community, Mark43 encourages users to share unlisted programs or contribute one of their own response models through the Mark43 Crisis Response Directory contact form

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