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In the face of unprecedented extreme weather and other emergency situations, Mark43 announces new resilient dispatch software

Even in dire emergencies, the new cloud-native tactical dispatch software provides resiliency and reliability, enabling non-interrupted emergency response 
30 November 2022   •   3 minute read

NEW YORK, Nov. 30, 2022 — Mark43, the leading cloud-native public safety software company, which provides critical technology to more than 120 police departments across the United States including the Washington D.C. Metro Police, Seattle Police Department, San Antonio Police Department and Atlanta Police Department, today announced a new resilient computer-aided dispatch (CAD) product to support public safety in times of crisis. 

Mark43 Alternate CAD is a resilient, user-friendly cloud-native platform that is designed to serve as a backup to the agency’s primary CAD. This means that during natural disasters and other emergencies impacting the city, state or region that could otherwise impact an on-premise CAD, Mark43 Alternate CAD will continue to operate without disruption. In dispatch, seconds matter, and the cloud-native capabilities allow the platform to continue to be used regardless of location or functionality of on-premise hardware. Innovative, reliable and lifesaving technology is vital so that first responders can keep working when their community needs them the most — particularly in circumstances when the primary CAD systems have gone down.

Mark43 Alternate CAD also includes functionality that pinpoints exact locations, provides enhanced mapping capabilities and clearly displays data for increased situational awareness when users arrive at incidents, enhancing both officer safety and their ability to meet the specific needs of their community. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mark43 Alternate CAD continues to provide the most advanced security posture available to public safety.

The Metro Nashville Department of Emergency Communications has partnered with Mark43 and will be the first customer to utilize this new product as Nashville’s Alternate CAD. The primary CAD could be impaired by extreme weather or a critical incident like the Nashville Christmas bombing in 2020, and having the Mark43 Alternate CAD in place will ensure there aren’t interruptions to potentially lifesaving response. This provides Nashville with a resilient and trusted platform that will give dispatchers and first responders confidence that they can keep the entire community safe during times of emergency. 

Matt Polega, Mark43 co-founder and Head of External Affairs said, “We listened to our customers and heard what they need, as well as what their community members expect and demand, and it is reliability and resilience. We are thrilled to deliver Mark43 Alternate CAD, which builds on our proven computer-aided dispatch system, to ensure dispatchers and first responders have the tools necessary in real-time to respond to their communities quickly and effectively, regardless of the emergency.”

“It is critical that our dispatchers have tools that they can rely on in an infrastructural emergency, supporting them in what is already a difficult job. The resiliency of the Mark43 Alternate CAD means that during an emergency or a natural disaster, our first responders can remain where they belong, answering calls and helping our community,” said Stephen Martini, Nashville’s Emergency Communications Director.

In addition, the Louisiana State Police Department (LSP) adopted Mark43 CAD in 2020, and when Hurricane Ida hit in 2021 causing CAD outages across Louisiana. LSP never stopped answering calls for service.

Louisiana State Police Analyst Allen Carpenter said, “With Mark43, our mission-critical systems stay operational during the worst weather conditions. Partner jurisdictions experience significant technology outages, but Louisiana State Police keeps running.”  

Public safety is constantly confronted with evolving threats and heightened expectations. Natural disasters, cyberattacks, and system outages put technology and data at risk. Siloed platforms leave agencies stranded amidst outages and breaches. Agencies must protect their systems, sustain operations, access appropriate resources, and collaborate across all necessary channels as events unfold, and that’s what Mark43 Alternate CAD does for public safety agencies. 

Core aspects of Mark43 Alternate CAD include:

  • Stay connected during the most pressing times: Mark43 software operates across three geographically diverse availability zones, located across different flood zones and seismic planes, to ensure maximum resiliency during outages and disasters. Dispatchers and first responders can continue sharing and receiving critical data throughout their mission. 
  • Protect critical data with the strongest security posture possible: Modern architecture ensures that your data is protected using the latest in cybersecurity technology and best practices. Built on AWS, Mark43 has the most advanced security posture available to public safety. 
  • Unmatched accessibility: Mark43 is the only cloud-native records management system (RMS) and CAD platform, which minimizes downtime during any disruption by continuously backing up data across multiple geographically dispersed availability zones. AWS GovCloud (US) provides agencies with the best-in-class resiliency available. Regardless of whether a critical incident is manmade or a natural disaster, agencies using Mark43 Alternate CAD will be able to continue dispatching no matter what.
  • Expedient implementation and training: User-friendly, cloud-native technology ensures agencies can be up and running in a matter of weeks. With dedicated customer support, Mark43 provides 24/7 steadfast assistance.

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