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Majority of first responders call for modern technology solutions to improve public safety, crime reporting and increase community engagement

New report unveils critical need for 21st-century tech tools for law enforcement; retention and staffing shortages underscore necessity of putting people first to improve recruitment and retention of first responders
08 December 2022   •   4 minute read

NEW YORK, Dec. 8, 2022 — Modern policing requires modern technology, so leading law enforcement agencies will increasingly move to cloud-native solutions for superior resiliency and security in handling their data, according to a new 2023 U.S. Public Safety Trends Report released today by Mark43, the leading cloud-based public safety software company. The report is based on new survey data from public safety professionals across the United States. 

Mark43’s 2023 U.S. Public Safety Trends Report also found that members of public safety organizations believe leveraging technology and data analysis are critical tools in addressing crime and violence while continuing to strengthen community engagement. First responders also believe that data and transparency are vital building blocks to maintaining and cultivating community trust.  In addition, the report found the value of public safety agencies increasingly addressing the challenge of recruitment and retention by investing in their people.

“We heard from first responders across the country and to best serve their communities, they said they need access to modernized systems to help increase efficiency and decrease the number of hours lost to their daily responsibility of handling reporting and administrative tasks,” said Matt Polega, Co-founder and Head of External Affairs, Mark43, which works with over 200 agencies across the U.S. and U.K., including Boston, DC, Seattle, San Antonio, Atlanta and Cumbria (U.K). “That time could be better spent on-site and in the community. The 2023 U.S. Public Safety Trends Report shows that technology plays a central role in everything a public safety agency does, and by using Mark43 technology, police departments can improve the safety and quality of life for all.” 

The report included these findings:

Reporting and Efficiency

  • Over 2/3 (68%) of respondents said that they must go to a physical location such as a station house or office to complete required paperwork instead of using cloud technology, like Mark43, to complete these tasks digitally where they could stay in the community helping people. 
  • While first responders are often thought to spend most of their days fighting violent crime, only about 1/4 (24%) would consider it a top-three daily responsibility. They’re spending more time on mental health calls (42%) and paperwork (50%). 
  • A solid majority (86%) of first responders want improved crime and incident reporting – modernized technology through cloud software can do just that. Over half (57%) say their agency would benefit from an integrated platform to streamline reporting. 
  • Luckily, it seems first responders have fully accepted the necessity of use of mobile phones on the job – a near-total majority (93%) rely on their mobile device for emergency dispatch software, capturing evidence and connecting with the community. 


  • Over 3/4 (76%) of first responders worry their organization’s data is vulnerable to theft and ransomware, showing a need for enhanced security like cloud-based data management systems.
  • And these worries are validated – a near-total majority (93%) report they experienced a cybersecurity issue in the last year. 
  • Data security goes together with data transparency, and first responders are pushing for a deeper understanding internally and externally. Of law enforcement respondents, 66% think there should be greater transparency of data and statistics with the public, and 74% responded they would like greater internal transparency within their agencies.

Mental Health

  • The public safety sector needs to do more to support its employees – almost half (44%) of first responders have considered leaving their jobs due to work-related stressors.
  • It’s no surprise some are feeling the stress – over 2/3 (67%) of respondents report having too many different and/or competing responsibilities during the workday. 
  • Amid challenges with record resignations, over 3/4 (77%) of public safety professionals would stay on the job longer with added diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Using the expertise of public safety respondents collected through the survey, insight from Mark43 customers, and input from leading luminaries in law enforcement, the Mark43 U.S. Public Safety Trends report identifies the below emerging six trends that will impact public safety in 2023 and beyond. You can find the full report here

  1. Leading agencies will move to cloud-native solutions for superior resiliency and security
  2. Technology and data analysis are critical tools to address violent crime and gun violence
  3. Modern policing requires modern technology
  4. Agencies will address the recruitment and retention challenge by investing in their people
  5. Compliance must be a habit, not a one-time event
  6. Transparency and access to reliable data are vital building blocks to cultivating and maintaining trust

“As we approach 2023, the public expects police departments to use cutting-edge technology solutions that are reliable and resilient,” Mark43’s Matt Polega said. “To meet these expectations, in 2023, we’ll see leading public safety agencies prioritize upgraded data management systems and equipment. Timely, accurate, and robust data analysis is critical in making decisions, allocating resources and serving the community effectively.”


Propeller Insights conducted a national online survey of 343 first responders between October 6 and October 18, 2022. Respondents opted into an online database and were subsequently targeted based on demographics. To further confirm qualifications, respondents were asked to verify their information in the survey, and self-identifying capabilities, with the maximum margin of sampling error being +/- 5 percentage points with a 95 percent confidence level.

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