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The 7 Basic Truths of Evidence Warehouses — And What They Can Tell Us

Only four hours into my first research trip at an evidence warehouse it became abundantly clear that these facilities are going through a silent crisis. Prior to my visit, I had seen the research. An August 2012 survey by the International Association of Property & Evidence showed that over half of the 1,000 respondents reported…

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Tackling Inefficiencies in your Evidence Warehouse

During the latest gathering of the California Association of Property and Evidence (CAPE), Mark43 Product Manager, Matthew Grierson provided an overview of common evidence warehouse inefficiencies based on hours of research at evidence warehouses across the country. Property and evidence managers will benefit from learning how their departments can implement more efficient practices in this on-demand webinar.

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Evidence Going Mobile

‘It’s nice to dream.’ That was one of the first comments I ever received after asking a room of evidence staff if a mobile application would solve some of their problems. I had just finished my first day in the life of an evidence staff member, walking around with them and understanding the pain points of…

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